Caturday Intermew with Swiss Cats Pixie and Zorro

Happy Caturday!
Time for another catastic intermew, this time courtesy of:
Claire Bertolini
The Swiss Cats
Thanks Claire! And thanks to Pixie and Zorro for such a fun chat! 🙂
Swiss Cat Zorro
Hazel: What advice do you have for bright young kittens considering your profession?
The Swiss Cats: First, have a well domesticated human: she (or he) must be able to feed you, to clean your litter box and to play with you before you have to ask. She must be a good secretary too, have some tech skills, and have time for you and your blog.
Hazel: Who has been your biggest inspiration and why?
The Swiss Cats: Angel Loupi’s first inspiration was clearly Mr Bumpy from Thanks to him, we met many wonderful kitties of Twitter and of Internet. We joined then the Cat Blogosphere, and met other amazing cat blogs. We follow a lot of them, each of them inspiring us in its own way: interesting topics, great pictures, funnies, … We’re not able to chose just one!
Hazel: What do you like to read or watch?
The Swiss Cats: At the moment, we’re reading “How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity.” It’s very interesting! And we love to watch Bird TV. It’s our favorite channel!
Hazel: How do you feel about the rise of feline power, and how do you see that power shaping the world in the future?
The Swiss Cats: What a strange question! Doesn’t the Internet world already belong to cats? Do you mean the real world? It’s just a question of time; shortly said, it would be a better world to live. The main rules would be: catnip for all, no homelessness (none should have to be feral), advanced classes for beans to be better cat servants, don’t forget to feed the kitty, and universal recognized usefulness of having several naps in a day.
Hazel: Who would you love to have dinner with? What would you eat and where?
The Swiss Cats: We would love to have a big outdoor picnic with all our buddies of the blogosphere! We would eat tuna, shrimps, cream, liver pâté, and all other favourite dishes of the kitties which we know.
Hazel: What are some mistakes that have shaped your worldview or public platforms?
The Swiss Cats: For your own safety and the safety of your ears, don’t climb human legs, mostly when they are naked. Don’t throw your toys into your litter box, they get a crappy taste and smell. As a young kitten, try not to step in your poo before having cuddles in the bed with your beans: they are a little bit cranky about it. Use catnip with pars imony, and only the best quality.
Hazel: If you could say only one thing to a potential new or existing follower, what would you like them to know?
The Swiss Cats: Have fun and be yourself! And then, be kind and share your knowledge, the other will do the same with you.
Pixie46 Swiss Cat Pixie
Hazel: Thanks, kitties! What a great intermew.
And thank YOU reader! See you soon!

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