Intermew with Tigerstar the beastly one!


Happy Caturday!!

Here is my intermew with Tigerstar!

Hazel: Hi Tigerstar! Welcome to this week’s edition of the Caturday Intermew Series. Thanks for being here! First question, what advice do you have for bright young kittens aspiring to build a web presence?

Tigerstar: Always be yourself. Mew don’t have to work hard to impress anyone…you’re a cat! It comes natural. Also, keep yourself well groomed because dem petparents will be following mew around with a camera like da paparazzi.

Hazel: Who has been your biggest inspiration and why?

Tigerstar: Mah biggest inspiration is Sugar the Cat. She has a facebook page (SugarRub) and even though she lives at da rainbow bridge, she still talks with us and reminds us that da pets can get breast cancer too. Her and her mom have taught other moms how to perfrom a sugar rub on us felines. This beez checking us for lumps and abnormalities that need to be mentioned to da vet dude.

Hazel: Oh I didn’t know that! Thanks for sharing, I’m sure our readers will appurrciate that. What do you like to read or watch?

Tigerstar: I luv all da scary movies and shows. Meez likes to act spooky when dem zombie shows are on TV…I bristle up mah fur and pounce on mah sister. It’s fun! Mah very favorite books are the “Warriors” series. It beez about a group of cats dat live in the wild and have to survive life out there. It beez an interesting read and makes meh feel grateful that I has a home!

Hazel: How do you feel about the rise of feline power, and how do you see that power shaping the world in the future?

Tigerstar: Feline power has been on the rise fur a long time now and I think we’re moving in da right direction. Don’t be surprised if da next president of the United States has fur and whiskers!

Hazel: I’m thinking about running for PKOTUS myself! We’ll talk about that though at the next Secret Cat Meeting. Who would you love to have dinner with? What would you eat and where?

Tigerstar: I would love to have dinner with mah sweetheart Felix. He beez mah tabby luv and da only gentlecat in mah 9 lives. We would eat anywhere that serves nip infused biscuits and cookies!

Hazel: What are some mistakes you’ve made and what did they teach you?

Tigerstar: Never EVER sneak outside when da mommy izn’t looking. Never let curiosity get da better of you and munch on unknown plants. Dem things can get mew in a lot of trouble and cause dem petparents to go into a frenzy! Always be cautious and well behaved.

Hazel: Sounds good, this has been fun, Tigerstar! If you could say only one thing to a potential new or existing follower, what would you like them to know?

Tigerstar: I am 10% beast and 90% angel!

Hazel: Haha and 100% cute! Thanks so much for the intermew.

And thank YOU reader for reading!!

Sandpaper kisses,


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