Caturday Intermew with Monster Too Adventurecat!


Happy Caturday, Furriends!

I am so happy to present my intermew with the beautiful Monster Too!

Hazel: Hi, Monster Too! Thanks for being here! Furst question, what advice do you have for bright young kittens aspiring to build a web presence?

Monster Too: Have you humans take lots of cute pictures and video of you doing things.  Sleeping pictures are always a hit especially if you are showing belly or feets.  For some reason people like kitty toes.  Anything that is shows your quirks or personality is great.  Tell you humans to write for you about things you do and what you thinking in pictures and videos.

People looking at you page love when you telling them stories about things you did in first cat.  Your humans can tell stories about you but the people fall for you and not your humans.  They want you to tell story so tell you humans to write exactly what you tell them.  I tell Ma to write my post on Word and then cut and paste into Facebook.  That way she can work on my post without it get lost in cyberspace and can spell check, check any facts need check first.

I learn that the more I write (Ma my secretary,) the better I get so I just keep write.  It also help to read out loud before publish.  I don’t publish everything I write for posts either.  Sometimes Ma say it too personal or something happen in world that make it not right time to say.  My Ma is still looking for a feline to human translating keyboard on Amazon so I can write my own stories without her help.  They very rare.  I try write on Ma keyboard but somehow it not make any sense to her.

The people looking at web kitties also really love to see adorable kitties with personality and will watch you fall off of table video or you sleeping twitchy dream video over and over and share they with their friends.  If you still a kitten people will ooh and aah over anything you do and make comments like, “Squeeeee!” and “You are so adorable I can’t even stand it!”  That is really good.  If you get comments like that you are on right track.

Hazel: Wow! Tons of great advice, thanks! Who has been your biggest inspiration and why?

Monster Too: Oskar the Blind cat and his brother Klaus Cosmos.

Ma would show me Oskars videos when he a kitten on the YouTube.  That was before he a Facebook cat.  I loved he and would watch he play with toys and all the things he did.  Ma would wait for new videos from he humans, Mick and Bethany, showing the antics he and he big brother Klaus were getting up to.  Then she see on one of the videos that they have a Facebook page.  She start follow them and I love to sit with Ma while she tell me what they doing on Facebook.

Klaus have he “Klaus Cosmos Human Behaviorist” live hour on the Facebook every Tuesday where he answer kitty questions about they humans or things they not understand and he give advice.  That was September last year, 2013.  I love to see what other kitties ask.  We read every week.  Then I tell Ma I want to ask Klaus about my suck on my tail.  It was secret I had.  It feel so calming but I wonder if it was ok.  Ma help me write.  Klaus tell me it ok that I do it because my vet say it ok and we have to do what we have to in order to make life bearable.

Ma learn by follow them about how they represent Oskar and Klaus.  One of they main goals is to help blind cats everywhere.  Then I tell Ma I want my own page and she make it for me.  Here is link to my story and video when I first came out on my page about suck on tail and Klaus advice.

Hazel: What do you like to read or watch?

Monster Too: I, as many cats are, am a fan of books, magazines and paper in general.  Home improvement magazines are interesting and mystery or period fiction books are literature I like to peruse.

I love to knock Pa’s stack of “Family Handyman” and “Fine Homebuilding” off of the coffee table and spread them around on the floor.  If you run from other side of room with your claws out for traction you can gain top speed before you get to the pile on the floor.  Then if you leap onto the pile of magazines you can ride one or two of them quite far sliding across the carpet.  It great fun especially if one of your catmates, or better yet, a slobbery beast, is standing unsuspectingly near the pile.  It almost like ambush slip and slide bowling for cats.  Great fun!

When you tired of that you can run at the pile with your head down and paws out at the last second to try and get under them and spread them around.  Ma loves when we do that.  She always comments on how well we can distribute them to every corner of the room.  Paper is more fun than magazines for spreading because it makes noise and is lighter and less work.  Bills are the best.  A pile of bills that are open gets the most reaction from the humans when we spread them around the room.

Hazel: Mol!! Good idea!

Monster Too: I used to open magazines up and look at pictures and chew on pages but I don’t have time for that now that I am so busy with my writing.  Since I a writer cat my favorite office supplies are pencil eraser and magic tape.  Ma have to hide these things from me.  All pencil erasers on Ma desk have been chew off the pencils (by me) and I eat any magic tape I can find.  It almost as good as catnip!

Hazel: Mol, I’ll have to try that! How do you feel about the rise of feline power, and how do you see that power shaping the world in the future?

Monster Too: I think it great that cats rising again in the world.  We were worshiped by humans once.  The Egyptians had it pretty good because they took such good care of cats.  In modern times we rule our homes.  Expanding our influence is natural.  We rule the internet and are taking over retail sales.

It started years ago with commercials.  A cute kid holding a cat or kitten sells!  Cats started really getting popular for selling with Meow Mix.  Ma still can sing whole song.  Morris the Cat was the first famous cat Ma can remember from commercials.  Now we are the go to species for major retailers.  Just look at the IKEA cat commercial.  That is big time!

Humans are drawn to cats and we bringing dogs and other pets up with us.  The Bud commercial where the puppy is saved by the horse is an example of how we cats have broken the glass ceiling for other animals to get top jobs in advertising.   Ma was flipping channels one night and even see a late night talking show on a news channel where they show cat videos and ask viewers to send cat videos to their website.  It part of their strategy to keep they late night viewers and gain more.

I expect that in future if business not have cat for advertise then they not going to be around long.  IKEA thriving and Sears going down.  What Sears need is to get lots of cats and kittens in their “softer side” commercials and quit trying to hard sell people on they credit cards every time you check out.  They already have soft fleecy Lands End clothes now they need to let soft and fluffy cats to sell they.  Then they make it another 129 years!

Hazel: Interesting, I haven’t thought about the history of famous kitties like that before! Who would you love to have dinner with? What would you eat and where?

Monster Too: Wow, that a hard one.  I think it would have to be Hercule Poiriot.  He fastidious just like cat. We would have to eat some fabulous Smoked Salmon on Belgian Endive with Crème Fraiche for starters paired with a nice sparkling thyme and lemon spritzer for drink.  Then a main of Shrimp and Scallops au Gratin in Puff Pastry Shells with a side of Petit Haricot Verts with Basil Breadcrumbs (this one of Ma family recipe.)  For drink I think we must have Hibiscus Elderflower Seltzer.   Then have Ma recipe of salad which secret recipe but it do have an herbal ingredient and strawberries with bleu cheese crumbles and vinaigrette. For desert must be Tart Au Sucre Brun.  That moves us into cheese course by candle light of Cougar Gold with thinly sliced Pears and Carr’s Assorted Biscuits for Cheese and coffee in Ma’s favorite demitasse cups from the  San Diego Wild Animal Park that feature tigers and other wildlife on them.

I a Mountain Cat and Hercule a fancy City Man so we would have this fine meal at the top of the Gondola on the Summit House Restaurant terrace at 6,872ft on top of Crystal Mountain starting at 7pm on July 28.  We might need jacket but we would have fabulous unobstructed view of Mt Rainier and be able to enjoy the evening sun and beautiful sunset surrounded by wild mountains in the wonderful splendor of one of God’s finest creations.  We might even see mountain goat!

Hazel:  What are some mistakes you’ve made and what did they teach you?

Monster Too: I have made mistake of let Ma get overworked, overstressed and spend all her energy help others but not recharge herself.  I tell Ma she need to say no to some things she doing outside family and reduce what she spend her energy on.  She was spread too thin.  Cracks were start to show.  We learn that this summer.

It pretty amazing that we still learning things at cat and human middle age but Ma tell me we learn all our lives and in order to become better cat and human we must take what we learn to heart and decide what most important and make decision to change things to get where we want to be.  Ma also say that not making decision is really making decision and you situation, no matter how bad, can be change if you work at it slow and steady.

Hazel: “Not making decision is really making decision,” great line!!

Monster Too: I and Ma want to help.  That just the way we are but we have to decide on just one or two things to do to help so we can keep our sanity and be able to take care of our family of pets and Pa and relatives.  Then extra energy can be use for good.  Ma not quite recover yet from this year and it show in my post.  I not as funny as I used to be but she working on it and I should be funny again soon.

Hazel: You’re doing great, Monster Too and Monster Ma! This has been so much fun! Time for the last question, if you could say only one thing to a potential new or existing follower, what would you like them to know?

Monster Too: Love life, live deliberately, make choices for your own betterment, hug yourself, your family, friends, dog, cat, horse or hamster and smile every day.

Hazel: Love it! Thanks so much Monster Too!

And thank YOU reader for reading!!

A cordial purr,


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