Product Review: Kitty A Go Go Litterbox!


Happy Monday, Everypawdy!

I am purry to present you my first ever product review! Thank you Kitty A Go Go for the opportunity to review your litterbox!

Looks like this:


It came in a box all assembled with instructions and a scoop.


l love it! I got the leopard-print design but there are six you can order on their website,

The design looks like a fun kitty tent, so whether you have the litterbox in your bathroom, living room, or probably not the kitchen but right on if you do, you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing, clean, and sturdy addition to your home just for your furry friend.

On top of the hood is a handle for easy movement as well as air holes for ventilation.


The scoop fits right on the back of the tent, like so:


That’s pretty nice. I would make sure to keep clean after use though if you are going to leave it suspended like that. You don’t want to pass out from kitty fumes, especially I’d you need to keep the litterbox in your bedroom with the windows closed!

Here’s what it looks like with litter inside, doesn’t take a full bag.




I’m really digging these plastic liners, makes for super easy clean-up, especially if I’m having one of those days. You’d have to buy replacements though.


The box also comes with a plastic door, but I don’t plan on using it. The idea is nice in theory but the material doesn’t make for an intuitive door to get in or out of, and I can’t imagine trapping kitty fumes in there would be fun for future Hazel!


You’d have to buy the metal rake separately, and I might, but the scoop seems fine enough for meow.

Here’s me loading up on some Fancy Feast.


Wait, how do you get in?




I’m so purry I met a company like Kitty A Go Go that puts the thought and care into designing beautiful and smart products for us kitties.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some business to take care of!



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