August Intermew Blitz with The Scott Cats: Boy Girl Phil Missy!


Day 3 of my August Intermew Blitz! Meet The Scott Cats: Boy Girl Phil Missy! 


Get out there and make friends. Be a friend and be proud of your friends and share them. You may get shared in return. Comment in as many posts as you can. Show your personality…especially with pictures and don’t be afraid to share your purrs and give headbonks.


Our biggest inspiration has been everyone we’ve met. All these beautiful creatures here on FB…putting themselves out there to get to know others, share themselves and connect, being appreciated for the beautiful critters they are.


We love scary books…except Boy. He likes Dr. Seuss. We loved the Smurf movies. Mostly we watch soccer and the aquarium channel. Phil loves CNN. He’s a news junkie. Missy and Phil are addicted to video games. Anything Mario-like….they usually solve it.


We think it is our time to rule, and we can do so by secretly controlling our humans with our own wants and needs. By being our cat selves, we seem to make them nicer…therefore making the world a nicer place.

Dream Date?

We would love to have dinner with all our furriends, a huge banquet with pet foods from every country. Lots of catnip to follow. And King Tut. We would love to have seafood with King Tut. He understood cats were gods and deserve worship.


We have learned that you’ll never reach the door ledge unless you try…and if you don’t make it, fall on the side with the deep freeze. You can’t sniff a candle, it hurts your nose. Don’t walk on the side of the tub if you don’t want to get wet…if you fall in, don’t panic because it makes you slip more and scratch your human. Don’t eat string…it comes out your bum and feels freaky and makes you run around the house like a crazy cat.


We love showing you ourselves and our home here in Newfoundland and hope you’ll be our friend.

Thanks, Kitties!

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