August Intermew Blitz with Miss Becky!


Day 7 of my August Intermew Blitz! Meet Miss Becky!


I think the first thing that is important is to really love spending time with other furry friends. Then, to have compassion and love for others. Mix all of this with fun adventures and pictures.


Oh, that’s an easy one! MY Auntie Beth and her two wonderful kitties, Jake and Elwood. They are known as The Royal Ruskies.


Well, in books, I love any that are about my fellow kitties-such as Lola the Rescue Cat, as well as Nursery Rhymes. As to plays, my favorite are those done by my buddies, Fatboy Babuska and Prince Pan Pan. For TV, paws down, my favorite is Sprout!


I think it is exciting that Hoomans are finally realizing how fabulous we felines are.

Dream Date?

Dinner with Cat Daddy, Jackson Galaxy would be my choice. We could begin with Niprinis, then Tuna Cordon Bleu, followed by a lovely Herring Mousse. We could discuss the wonders and intelligence of Felines in today’s world.


Mistakes-and what I have learned from them….Hmmm…Probably the biggest is not to nip at my Mommy when I would like more nomnoms!


To my old and new friends, I appreciate chatting with you and your letting me come into your home and share love and smiles.

Thanks, Miss Becky!

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