August Intermew Blitz with Her Smushy Faced Highness!


Day 12 of my August Intermew Blitz! Meet Her Smushy Faced Highness!


Be yourself and keep it positive!


My human servant because she just keeps on rescuing animals and finding them wonderful homes. She likes to promote rescue, so others can see the amazing animals (like ME) that need homes! I am proud to be rescued and thankful we can help others in need.


I love to listen to the Bad Kitty books because they remind me of my housemate, Kipper the Terrorist. My tiny humans perform many plays at home…they dress me up so I can be in them. We do this often, and it is greatly pleasing. I like to nap through TV.


I hope to be at the top of the rise of the felines! Power to the PURR! With a cat’s touch, the world will certainly be a better place.

Dream Date?

The Queen of England. We could surely swap some good ideas. In the palace of course, on a royal chair, with a royal pillow to sit upon. I would like some yummy turkey on a very fancy platter.


Hmm…as a royal cat I would have to say I’ve made no mistakes! Missed the box once, but that wasn’t my fault.


I love ALL my beloved subjects so much—and send them purrs, sneezes and headbutts daily!

Thanks, Your Highness!

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