August Intermew Blitz with Mr. Puss!


Day 13 of my August Intermew Blitz! Meet Mr. Puss!


Make furriends with as many kitty pages as you can and ask them to share your page.


Colonel Meow. I never even considered internet fame until someone said I looked like him…that’s when I found out about him and many other famous cats on the internet.


I like The Dark Crystal because I think I look like Fizzgig.


It reminds me of ancient day Egypt…humans are getting back to their roots of worshipping cats, which is good. It’s better to focus on what makes you smile than what makes you worry.

Dream Date?

I would love to meet Lil Bub! I would take her to the nearby Japanese Gardens in Portland where we can try to catch a delicious koi fish.


I once jumped off of a 2nd story patio where I could not return home, and it taught me that my Momz will do anything to make sure I get back safely.


I hope that I can make your internet experience more enjoyable.

Thanks, Mr. Puss!

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