August Intermew Blitz with Gizmo the scardy cat’s adventures!


Day 16 of my August Intermew Blitz! Meet Gizmo!


Share for share is very impawtent. A cute message on a friend page like “HI how Ru,” and also cute pictures. We started with a contest but most pages have a cause. Ours is to show everyone it’s OK to be afraid. I mean, I’m a big fraidy cat. Mainly have fun with Ur page.


Well there’s furry gods of mischief nino and ruby tooga tales and cuffy and rasmus. Meowmy actually helped find nino he went missing in our area and so meowmy went and his meowmy they looked and looked. We were happy paws when he came home. Furry gods are very special they taught me how to be cheeky and yet still so cute that meowmy can’t resist and now dey teaching me how to be cool wif my new gf.


When I first came to my forever home, I wouldn’t come out so meowmy read me stories. My favorite was my cat likes to hide in boxes I could Relate to it. Also How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You. Just in case, mainly watch TV cause turning pages is TOO HARD. I LOVE ADVENTURE TIME and Big Bang Theory, really whatever meowmy I very scared of daleks but meowmy says the doctor will protect me with his blue little box.


Well see I’m kinda afraid so I’ll just run away with meowmy.

Dream Date?

Definitely hrh from tooga tales or cuffy cat or Loki (frantically trying to decide) so many pretty kitties would go to anywhere wif pretty kitties (sighs lovingly).


I accidently got scared by a my own shadow. They very scary when u turn around dey always der, But meowmy played shadow puppets den I was ok.


Ummm! Hi I’m Gizmo ur pretty. I like prawns. I’m not good at thinking on my paws. I’m too busy running on them. Maybe I offer den prawns do hoomans like prawn???

Thanks, Gizmo!

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