August Intermew Blitz with Jake the Purring Machine!


Day 18 of my August Intermew Blitz! Meet Jake!


Be yourself. And find a human with more time on their hands to type updates (I’m hissing at you, Aunt M!)


My (human) Mommy because she doesn’t give up!


The Cat Who… mystery series by Lillian Jackson Braun. Those books make me purrrrr. I like it when my furless baby sister watches Bubble Guppies. They look tasty!


I feel honored and humbled to be a feline! I think the world will be a much nicer place when cats take over everything… Catnip for everyone!!

Dream Date?

I’d love to invite a little black stray kitty named CJ for dinner. She shows up at Aunt M’s mom’s house to eat. I’d eat Fancy Feast there with her under the porch swing!


Biggest mistake I made was jumping on the mantle and knocking off one of Aunt M’s breakable thingies. I learned not to jump up there anymore!


I would say: “I love you!”

Thanks, Jake!

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