The Case of the Missing Cat Food


After my post-breakfast nap this morning, I returned to my eating place to have some lunch.

And that’s when I discovered that my bowl was empty!


Completely, utterly empty!

I put my paw in the bowl just to be sure.


Yep. My food was gone, and so were my hopes of lunch.

Where did it go?

My first suspect was obvious:

Simon! The other cat I live with who sometimes sneaks food from my bowl.

“Did you partake of my sustenance?” I asked.

He swore on his whiskers that it wasn’t him. He was going to have a bite or two during my nap, sure, but by the time he got there, there wasn’t any left.


Hmm…maybe I was thinking about it all wrong.

I meowed for my hooman and said “hooman! You forgot to feed me today!”


And he took one look at my bowl and said “I’m not falling for that again!”

I tried to persuade him, but it was no use.


Then I sat by the window to think.

Where did my food go?


And then I saw a car parked outside…


It was the Chipmobile!

That’s right, today was the 22nd! I had invited Blue Chip over today to celebrate his birthday and the autumnal equinox!


Photo Credit: Blue Chip

He brought me a plate of his own food from home, and I remembered that we had planned on trading cat food at my place before we went shopping at the catnip megamall with all our kitty friends!

We had a great time and got some good deals.

Happy Birthday Blue Chip!!

Special Birthday Intermew with Blue Chip!!


Happy Caturday, Everypawdy!!

Today is my birthday!! It’s also Caturday! I couldn’t be purrier to present you my special birthday intermew with one of my bestest furriends, the hilarious, the smexy, the inimitable:


Hazel: Hi Blue Chip! Tell us about your name, so unique, yet fitting!

Blue Chip: inspired by blue chip stock, blue chip atheletes n blue poker chips

Hazel: When did you realize you were a smexy beast?

Blue Chip: 10 weeks old when izz got home!

Hazel: You have 30K friends on Facebook! Wow, what an accomplishment! How did you do it?

Blue Chip: by kissing lots of purty felines

Hazel: When’s your birthday, and how do you like to celebrate?

Blue Chip: sept 22nd izz celebrate with online fans/furriends n at home with toona cake sprinkled wiff catnip

Hazel: You wear so many cute little outfits!! Which is your favorite?

Blue Chip: the tshirt that says ‘this is how spoiled looks like’

Hazel: If you could have dinner with anyone, what would you eat and where?

Blue Chip: wiff all purty felines available! we izz go to the seafood buffet

Hazel: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go, and what would you do?

Blue Chip: izz wud go to tokyo n shop for all the fun kitty goodies there

Hazel: What are we going to do tonight?

Blue Chip: we izz going to the catnip megamall!

Hazel: Let’s do it!! Thanks for being my Birthday Intermew and my smexy friend!

And thank YOU readers for reading! You too can be smexy! Support Blue Chip’s smexiness campaign and get a T-Shirt!  

My first year on Earth has been a blast! Here’s to many more!

Warmest Purrs and Always Love,