Caturday Intermew with Homer the Freelance Cat!


Happy Caturday!

I am so purry to share an intermew today with my new friend Homer! Isn’t he a cutie?? You can follow his pawtastic freelance resources at The Freelancer Society’s website.


Hazel: Meows, Homer! Thanks for stopping by! How did you meet your human?

Homer: I met my human a few years ago in Lethbridge – that’s in Canada. I had been wandering around getting in fights and going hungry, so a nice lady brought me to my person so she could take care of me. At first she said she would help me get back on my feet and then find me a new home, but eventually I charmed her into letting me stay full time!

Hazel: Oh, that’s so cute! What advice do you have for any bright young kittens considering freelance work?

Homer: For kittens looking to get into the freelance writing business, I say this: don’t lose sight of your goals. If you want to be a feature writer but all you can find right now is work doing website copy, then do the work you have but don’t forget what you really want! Keep trying and it will happen.

Hazel: What kind of writing do you do, and how did you get started?

Homer: I do lots of different types of writing, from magazine articles to short stories to brochures. I got started a few years ago when I knew I just couldn’t deal with getting up early every morning and working for someone else, doing something boring. I answered a few Craigslist ads, posted a few of my own, and was into sales and technical writing in a few months.

Hazel: What’s your favorite freelance work?

Homer: My favorite freelance work is writing about food. I used to be kind of a chubby guy because of my keen interest in gravy, but these days I’ve slimmed down and learned to enjoy my lunch, dinner, breakfast and snacks without overeating. Still, when I delve into a juicy article about food history, I start to salivate…

Hazel: Ooh, I like food 😮 What are you currently working on?

Homer: I am currently working on a few things, but my special project is a short fiction series for Kindle – I’d give you links but it’s just a little bit too naughty 😉

Hazel: What is your most favorite thing you’ve written?

Homer: Most of my favourite pieces are somewhat controversial – I’m not the kind of cat to shy away from topics that people don’t agree on. One that sticks out to me is “Vaccinate Not Exterminate: UK Badger Cull Protest.” The story involved animal welfare, of which, of course, I am a huge advocate, and it was a story that affected a lot of my friends in the UK who were out on the streets and in the fields protecting badgers against the cull. I think they appreciated being given a voice!

Hazel: Good for you! If you could say only one thing to a new or existing follower, what would you like them to know?

Homer: To my followers: This industry takes a lot of courage, but we aren’t all born with it. If you are a scared and sensitive furrball like I used to be, then “fake it ’til you make it.” Pretend you are strong, and that criticism doesn’t hurt, and eventually it will be true!

Hazel: “Eventually it will be true,” I like that! Thanks, Homer! What a great intermew.

Homer 2

And thank YOU reader for reading!

A cordial purr,