August Intermew Blitz with Two Face the insane calico cat!


Day 14 of my August Intermew Blitz! Meet Two Face!


Make sure to network with other cats. I became furriends with GG Kitty Girl when she was just starting. As she became more popular, she helped me get more followers.


Venus the Chimera Cat. She’s done a great job representing us two-faced cats at the highest level of cat fame.


Phantom of the Opera, The Dark Knight, anything with cardboard boxes


I don’t think it’s happening fast enough since I still have a dog for a roommate. Hopefully it leads to the first Cat President before the 2100s.

Dream Date?

I want to eat chicken wings with Mylo the Cat somewhere or eat something half-and-half with Venus.


Mistakes? Uh, I’m sure I’ve made some of those, but I usually blame them on my other face and forget about it.

(My owner said something about me picking fights with dogs and jumping on the wrong other cats’s heads.)


New: Like me on Facebook please!

Existing: Mrow meh myow reh meh mrow meh, thanks for the support.

Thanks, Two Face!