Caturday Intermew with Cat Food Breath!


Happy Caturday!!

I am SO EXCITED for today’s intermew with one of my purrsonal kitty heroes, CAT FOOD BREATH! He is pawmazing.


Cat Food Breath

Hazel: Hi Mr. Breath! I hope you are doing well. First question I’d like to ask: What advice do you have for bright young kittens just starting on their social media presence?
Cat Food Breath: Share the wealth.  Not only am I generous with my cat fur, I take time to remind people that shelter cats rock.  I often talk about how wonderful my shelter was, and how grateful I am that they connected me with Thing One.  While it is all about the cat, we are obliged to use our fame and talent to assist others.
(Check out Cat Food Breath’s shelter!

Hazel: I agree! Who knows how many cat authors, presidents, scientists, and role models are waiting to be rescued!  Who has been your biggest inspiration and why?

Cat Food Breath: Why, me,  Of course.  I am awesome.  Who wouldn’t be inspired by me?

Hazel: I sure am! What are some favorite books, movies, plays, and/or TV shows?

Cat Food Breath: I am fond of squishy books and magazines.  These are the best padding for a good nap surface.  I enjoy athletic events on television, so I can work on my fitness while I nap through the broadcast.
Hazel: Check out “First-Degree Fudge” by Christine DeSmet. They don’t have sushi fudge yet, but it’s a nice, soft book to snuggle with and reminds me of food. Speaking of which, who would you love to have dinner with? What would you eat and where?
Cat Food Breath: Jiro Ono.  I’d like him to serve me dinner at his restaurant, then we could move along to an all-you-can-eat buffet with shrimp and sardines.

Hazel: Ask him if they have sushi fudge! What are some mistakes that have shaped your worldview and/or approach to social media?
Cat Food Breath: Mistakes?  I am a CAT.  Kitties do not make mistakes.
Hazel: I still don’t know what mistakes are, maybe it’s just a human thing. How do you feel about the rise of feline influence, and how do you see that influence shaping the world in the future?
Cat Food Breath: This is no surprise.  Cats are smart, cute, and tech-savvy.  Of course we would take over the internet like we took over our own homes.  I can’t tell you much about how feline influence will impact the world, as that is Secret Cat Stuff.  You get that information on a need-to-know basis.  If you aren’t a cat, you don’t need to know.
Hazel: I have a question about that, but I’ll ask you at the thing we aren’t going to at night (wink wink). So just one last question:
If you could say only one thing to a potential new or existing follower, what would you like them to know?
Cat Food Breath: I have a nice, free dog available.  It comes with a vacuum, rocking chair, and Thing Two.  All free.  It’s a great deal, don’t delay.
Hazel: Don’t delay, readers! Thanks so much, Cat Food Breath. You’re the best!
Cat Food Breath: I know I’m the best.  Duh.
And thank YOU readers for reading!
Until next time! Stay tuned for a Spanish-language Caturday Intermew edition with Morris: el CandiGato!

Sundae Review: “First-Degree Fudge” by Christine DeSmet


Happy Sundae!!!

Time for a review!

Remember last week when I interviewed my buddy “First-Degree Fudge” author Christine DeSmet? Now I thought I’d review her book and get some mileage out of that cute picture of me 😉

It was great! I could have sworn Ava was the killer, but then twist! I liked the parts with the fudge. That sounds nummy. I could go for some salmon fudge about now. Go Badgers!

You should read it! You can order “First-Degree Fudge” on Amazon or ask Santa for it when you get the chance.

Human Interview with Christine DeSmet, author of the Fudge Shop Mystery Series


Interview time!

As a Writer Cat, I have had the great honor to interview some super interesting kitties.

Now I have my first human interview! Yay!!

Meet Christine DeSmet, who’s here to talk about her Fudge Shop Mystery Series.

Christine DeSmet

You can get “First-Degree Fudge” and “Hot Fudge Frame-Up” on Amazon. They are great!

Here we go!

What advice do you have for bright young writers?

Bright young writers should write and write and write some more because the act of writing helps a writer develop his or her voice. You have a good “voice,” Hazel, one that’s nicely humorous and “fluffy” as your tail at times. Keep it up! We need more fluffy-tailed writers who are true to themselves.

Aww thanks! 😀 Tails are great. If you were fudge, what flavor would you be?

A luscious, smooth, rich and dark Belgian chocolate fudge.

That sounds great! Can I have a bunch? What are your greatest inspirations?

Nature and talking with ordinary people. When I travel, I love engaging the ordinary people in the shops, local bars, the lighthouses, restaurants, in the parks or wherever I am. I always like to consult the cats, too. Many bookstores have cats. Every tidbit I get from humans and cats in my travels gives me new ideas for my writing.

That’s a good idea! If you could have dinner with Ava Oosterling, what would you eat and what would you talk about?

Ava and I would have some tremendous salmon or trout caught in Lake Michigan or the bay of Green Bay. I suspect you’d love that, too!

We’d talk about the unique history of the Belgians in Door County. The county and the neighboring counties of Brown and Kewaunee have one of the biggest concentrations of Belgians in this country.

Belgians are known for giant and yummy pies, beer, and booyah (a chicken stew you’d like, too), so we’d swap some recipes.

Yes! I love eating! Can I come?? And how do you think the setting of Wisconsin affected your narrative approach?

It’s affected my approach a lot. There’s a quirky sense of humor in Wisconsin that I hope I bring to my stories and my fudge shop mystery book series. We love to kid each other a lot here.

We also work hard, endure winters and do zany things like ice fishing. People here are also very friendly.

I’m dedicated to making sure I bring all of that into my stories so that I portray the authentic Wisconsin voice.

You are doing a great job with that! What are some mistakes you’ve made that have shaped your career path?

Hazel, don’t you know I’m purrrfect???!!! Seriously now, I would say any writer looks back and realizes she or he could have done a lot more writing and done it sooner. We humans tend to get distracted too much.

Whenever I sense I’m wasting time, I work harder and start new projects. So my mistakes with time have actually taken me into journalism, then romance writing, screenwriting, short story writing, playwriting, and now cozy mystery series writing—in that order. Let your panic about time being wasted force you to do a new writing project.

That’s a good idea! I know your time is precious so I just have one more question:

If you could say only one thing to a new or existing fan, what would you like them to know?

That fudge is powerful catnip for humans. Wars and even conflicts in Congress could be solved immediately if everybody would just sit down and share some of Ava Oosterling’s fudge. Ava has discovered that fudge helps people think better, relax, and smile.

Sweet, I agree. If we all just took some time to share life’s most wonderful goodies, we’d have a lot less to fight about. Thanks for the awesome chat, Christine! I really appreciate your time and insights.

And thank YOU reader for reading!