August Intermew Blitz with Oscar!


Day 15 of my August Intermew Blitz! Meet Oscar!


Take lots of nice pictures for your audience to enjoy and try to be cheerful and uplifting.


My brother Ben, he was so sweet natured and laid back, and I aim to be like him.


I have come to enjoy watching Downton Abbey because my Mum loves it and I watch it with her.


I think humans could learn a great deal from us cats with regard to dignity and common sense. We take time to consider the situation and only act when we have decided it’s appropriate. We never act hastily.

Dream Date?

I would love to have dinner with my namesake, Oscar Wilde, he was a talented and clever man who used humorous words to express how he felt about the world. We would eat chicken in a restaurant in Monmartre in Paris.


Aaah one big mistake I have made is going outdoors when it’s wet because then one gets muddy paws and they are not really welcome on my Mum’s lace tablecloth!


I think you would enjoy following me, because I can be witty and cheerful and it might lift your mood on a dreary day.

Thanks, Oscar!