Caturday Intermew with Cherish’s STORY!


Happy Caturday!!

Today we have an intermew with Cherish from Cherish’s STORY.


Hazel: What advice do you have for bright young kittens aspiring to build a web presence?

Cherish: web pwesence? hmmm. I fink the web is a gweat pwace to meet new fur-rends and if ya ish special needz, then definatewy. Ppl need to knowz that fings wike bwindness doesn’t mean ya iz bwoken. It mean ya iz boooootiful!

Hazel: Who has been your biggest inspiration and why?

Cherish: Momma. She neverz gibs up on me an tellz me I’m boooootiful all da time!

Hazel: What do you like to read or watch?

Cherish: I doesn’t hab any faborite books or tb’s showz. I can’t see dem. But I does hab a favorite fing to wisten too! The birds! Momma takes me outside to pway when it’s nice and I wub to hearz da birdies!

Hazel: How do you feel about the rise of feline power, and how do you see that power shaping the world in the future?

Cherish: Kitties rule! MOL!!!

Hazel: Who would you love to have dinner with? What would you eat and where?

Cherish: I wouldz wvub to hab dinner wiff all da ppl dat saved me. I wub them all! Andz we would eat wotisserie chicken and ice cweam!

Hazel: What are some mistakes you’ve made and what did they teach you?

Cherish: Oh boyz. I made da mistake of wunning frue a mud puddle. It taught me to not wuns so fast! MOL!!

Hazel: If you could say only one thing to a potential new or existing follower, what would you like them to know?

Cherish: I wouldz say GO FUR IT! Don’t beez afwaid cuz u is differwent! We don’t know we iz not da same. To our mommies, we iz purr-fect!

Hazel: Thanks Cherish! What a great intermew.

And thank YOU readers for reading!

Sandpaper kisses,


Caturday Intermew with Hunter from “Hunter and Friends!”


Hi everypawdy!

It’s Caturday!! I am so excited to share this week’s intermew with my furiend Hunter from Hunter and Friends! We had a great and stimulating conversation, including the topics of fat pawing, inspurrations, and inter-species friendship. 

Hazel: Hi Hunter! Thanks so much for being here. You sure have a bunch of furiends! What advice do you have for bright young kittens aspiring to build a web presence?

Hunter: Wow! There was so much to learn and figure out when I made my page and got my first furiends. Here’s my top tips:

First get help from your human. My pushy paws are too fluffy and I couldn’t see the keys on the laptop. My human said I was “fat pawing” because I kept hitting lots of things at the same time.

Hazel: “Fat pawing,” MOL!!

Hunter: Fur your page, make sure you let furiends comment and post their pictures too….us felines do like to strut our stuff, you know.

Then sit really pretty and let your human take your picture for your profile picture. I like to keep mine the same all the time so my furiends know it’s me when I visit their pages.

Then you have to introduce your page and who mew are for the world to know. I wanted my page to have a mission, not just be all about me. I did a short introduction about me and my page’s mission and then used the long option to tell my story of finding my furever home.

Hazel: That’s smart, having such a positive mission as “to educate, protect, respect, love and smile all that is the magic and mysteries of the Feline,” makes the internet a bit brighter of a place!

Hunter: I like using the “Notes” options too. I can put impurrtant things there for my furiends and their humans and they can find it easily, long after the original post.

Once you get your page set up, you have to make some furiends too. When you’re the mew kid nobody “likes” mew at first, so I went and searched for furiends and “liked” them first and told them who I was. I asked them if they had furiends who might like me too. Humans call it networking. I’m really furiendly, so it was easy to make furiends all around the world. Sometimes we don’t all miaow the same, so I installed “translator” so we can purr together.

Be true to mew! Don’t try to be a copycat and do what other purr pals are doing on Facebook. Share posts and memes but keep your followers interested with stories and pictures of mew. And don’t let your human get too involved….sometimes they get upset over a post and start posting their opinion. Remember, we’re dignified!

But the most important part, is to keep visiting your mew purr pals and giving them some headbonks. And, when they visit me, I miaow back to them. If mew don’t share your toys and play with your furiends when they call, pretty soon they won’t visit and mew will be lonely again.

Hazel: Wow, thanks for all the tips! That’s some great advice. It sure can be hard to keep up with the rapidly-growing community of internet kitties, but it sure is worth it. Next question, who has been your biggest inspurration and why?

Hunter: This is tough one, because it’s hard to pick just one. When I read stories of some of my furiends, I realize I have little to complain about, being an amputee kitty. If you’ll allow me to pick two, it would be:

My humans. They are my biggest inspirations. I wish every kitty could live with us. They really love us just the way we all are, even when we’re not so nice or so purr-fect. They know each of us is different and they like that. And they take really good care of us, even though we don’t like going to the vet, or getting medicines or baths. We get good food, toys and lots of attention and they spoil us. After my neglect by my breeder and the bad rescue place, who also hurt my roomies Juno and Jayden, my humans restored my faith in humans.

But for kitty inspirations, I have to say ALL homeless, stray, feral and abused animals are my inspirations. They don’t have nice warm beds and lots of food or toys. And they meet bad humans who hurt them. No animal should ever have to live unloved, crippled, or blind or hurt or die.

Hazel: That’s interesting, you know when I ask kitties for their inspurrations, I often find that they tend to be the sources of light in some of the darkest times, which makes them especially special. When I found my forever home I was a really sick kitty, but they took care of me and I couldn’t stop purring! High-paw for inter-species friendship!

*High paw*

Hazel: As a Writer Kitty, I’m purrious: what do you like to read or watch? Favorite books, plays, TV shows and movies?

Hunter:  My favorite book of all time ever is “The Silent Miaow: A Manual for Kittens, Strays and Homeless Cats” by Paul Gallico. This is a must read for every kitty who needs a home or has one and wants to train their human. And, it’s fun to read by the human who loves us.

You would think my favorite play would be “Cats” but it isn’t.

Hazel: It’s fun, but you can tell it was written by humans.

Hunter: My favorite play ever is “The Gin Game” about two old people in a nursing home playing cards. The man teaches the lady to play gin and she keeps on winning and he gets mad. It’s funny and sad at the end. But, I think it should have had a cat in it. Our purr makes sad and sick people feel better and we love to play with cards on the table.

Hazel: Note to self, restage “The Gin Game” with a cat in it.

Hunter: My favorite movie is “The Birdcage” I thought it would be about birds and feathers, which are my favorite toys. But it wasn’t, but it makes my humans laugh a lot and I like that.

Hazel: Note to self, refilm “The Birdcage” with actual birds.

Hunter: My favorite TV show is “My Cat From Hell” with my hero Jackson Galaxy. He proves to humans that we are not bad, we react to the way we’re treated and he makes humans learn to think like us and stay in furever homes.

Hazel: I am really glad we have a human like Jackson doing some of that inter-species dialogue. Now that cats are becoming so prominent in the media, I like to ask my feline furiends: how do you feel about the rise of feline power, and how do you see that power shaping the world in the future?

Hunter: Well, I am a Persian, as you know. It’s one of the oldest breeds in the world. So, I’m going to get historical and philosophical here.

Hazel: Of course, go right ahead!

Hunter: Cats have always ruled the world from the time of Mafdet and Bastet in Egypt over 10,000 years ago. We’ve just been quietly taking over homes and the Internet. More people have multiple cats in their home vs multiple dogs. Maru and Grumpy Cat are more famous everywhere than any dog. I found an excerpt online that states, “Today points out that the most-watched pet video of all time belongs to a husky who says, “I love you” (aww). But Maru and his many boxes has the most subscribers. The site also points out that the top five cat videos have been viewed almost two million times more than the top five best dog videos. Which leads us to assume that while dogs are crowd pleasers, they won’t inspire the cult purr-sonality of a kitty. So, as Wu-Tang says, Cats Rule Everything Around Us, and if you want a viral star, you better find yourself a very grumpy cat. ” I think because of our growing popularity, quiet dignity and poise and purr (which baffles scientific explanation) we are making in-roads on exploitation, abuse and neglect. I see more convictions for abuse, but feel there is so much more to be done. We have not only an opportunity but a responsibility to educate and protect, and expand animal rights. I’d like to see the day, in my lifetime, where we are legally considered family members, just like the little mini humans, and protected the same way, not as “property” that we are now.

Hazel: Exactly, we aren’t humans, but we still experience than mysterious, mesmerizing, wonderful thing called life. My family treats me like I belong there, and I couldn’t feel happier. If you love a cat, they love you back, so it’s just overall a really nice, positive experience, like dinner. Speaking of lasagna, who would you love to have dinner with? What would you eat and where?

Hunter: Hmmmmm. As a purebred cat, I have very discerning tastes. My humans say I can be purr-snicketity. I like the finer things in life. So, it wouldn’t be Grumpy Cat because he hates everything MOL I think, it would be nice to dine with the Fancy Feast kitty. She looks like me and has very good taste and manners, eating from a Waterford crystal dish. I think I’d love to dine in Paris, at Le Taillevent, We will have Boudin de Homard Bleu “Tradition Taillevent” ou Pressé de Volaille Fermière au Foie Gras de Canard I know I’m Persian, but I have a very refined taste. Lobster and shrimp pate, of course, mais oui!

Hazel: Oh that sounds delicious! What’s are some mistakes you’ve made and what did they teach you?

Hunter: Oh boy, I’ve made some doozies and Mom catches some of them on video to shame me.

Hazel: Mol!

Hunter: Let’s see:

I made the mistake of trying to sit on a standard window sill with only 3 legs. I clawed up the front of a chair in front of the window, hopped across the seat and clawed up the back to the top of the chair. From there I could step to the window sill, but it was too narrow for me to balance and I fell off. I tried 3 more times, with the same result. I learned that I can only sit on the wide window sills or in the kitty perch to watch the birdies. I also learned my humans thought I was cute and laughed at me but felt sorry for me and I got extra hugs.

I learned dog food is not good for me and makes me fluffier.

Hazel: Interesting, I have to try that.

Hunter: I learned that not everybody “likes” me on Facebook and some friends unliked me. That hurts my feelings, but it taught me to just keep being happy and sweet, to keep purring and be myself. We are all different, even if some of us look alike. We may all be cats, but we’re individual felines with our own purr-sonalities. Sometimes we can get catty and just don’t see eye to eye, but we can co-exist together and even have the same furiends.

Hazel: I get some unlikes too, Hunter, I don’t think it’s purrsonal. Like the inspurration part of the intermew, there is more good in this world than bad and it’s amazing to see how we pick each other up. Truly one of life’s most beautiful things. This has been great, Hunter, so to wrap up: If you could say only one thing to a potential new or existing follower, what would you like them to know?

Hunter: “All kitties are “special” and so are the humans who love us, so don’t be a copy cat, just be yourself, forgive, have fun and keep purring.”

Hazel: Love it. Thanks Hunter! This was fun, hope you have a great rest of your Caturday!

And thank YOU reader for reading!

Purrs and a headbutt,


Caturday Intermew with Rupurrt Ninja Kitty!


Happy Caturday!!

Hope your Meowlloween was fun! I am excited to share with you all today an intermew with my pal, Rupurrt Ninja Kitty!


Hazel: Hi Rupurrt! Thanks so much for being here today! I’m a big fan of your page, and you have a purrty big following! What advice do you have for bright young kittens aspiring to build a web presence?

Rupurrt: Be yourself!! That’s the best you can offer anybody and they’ll love you for it!

Hazel: That’s great advice! What are some mistakes you’ve made and what did they teach you?

Rupurrt: I’ve made many mistakes in my short life and each time I learn something new. For instance, just last week, I learned that you shouldn’t walk on a pumpkin pie. It felt great, didn’t like the taste so much but it made a bit of a mess. I thought it was cool, but I don’t like it when momma gives me “the look”, it makes me feel bad. I’ve also learned that momma doesn’t like it much when she’s sleeping and I dive off the headboard onto her side. I left a paw print in her side, she didn’t see the humor in it like I did!! mol!!

Hazel: MOL! I need to try walking on a pie or other pumpkin-flavored goodies sometime. Who would you love to have dinner with? What would you eat and where?

Rupurrt: I would love to have dinner with Justin Fire Survivor. He’s one awesome kitty!! He’s special needs, as am I but what he’s come through and he’s spreading the love around to help more animals in need, now that’s inspiring!!

Hazel: Justin is great, I hope he’ll do an intermew sometime! Speaking of inspurring, other than Justin, who has been your biggest inspurration and why?

Rupurrt: My biggest inspiration is my momma. She took me in and has loved me, no matter what I do (I can be challenging!) and has never regretted even a second of me.

Hazel: Aww, it’s nice to have a human to love and take care of you. In your spare time, what do you like to read or watch?

Rupurrt: I love TV shows that have animals in them! I love to watch how other animals live and maybe get some ideas from them. As for books, the only thing I like about books are that momma has a lot of them for school and my challenge is to get as much fur in them as possible so she doesn’t forget me when she’s at school!! She always comes home and wants to know HOW I got that fur in there, when they aren’t on that chapter yet!! mol!!! It’s a great thing!!

Hazel: Mol, wow! That’s really funny! I love hearing about how cats and books intersect in whichever way. How do you feel about the rise of feline power, and how do you see that power shaping the world in the future?

Rupurrt: There will come a day when us kitties will rule the earth. Until that time, we are enjoying the humans in their capacity, which of course is to be our slaves. My rise to power is me laying on top of the refrigerator chilling out and surveying the world below.

Hazel: Pawesome, remind me to talk to you about that at the Secret Cat Meeting later. Well, this has been fun, Rupurrt, so to conclude: if you could say only one thing to a potential new or existing follower, what would you like them to know?

Rupurrt: Everybody is welcome, my page is a lot of fun. I’m truly a good boy at heart and am very well loved and I like to spread the love to my friends. There are so many and I’m thrilled to have them share my life. 🙂

Hazel: We are thrilled to know you. Thanks, so much for chatting with me today, Rupurrt!

And thank YOU reader for reading!

Purrs and a headbutt,