Flaky the Snow Cat!!


Happy Holidays!!

I had a great year, and I’d like to give you something.

The best story I pawed out in 2015: Flaky the Snow Cat!!

You prolly heard me meowing on about it for a while, well that’s because I started last Catmas and then finished in January, because it took me about eleventy mugs of catnip tea to finish, but by that point, I was super caffeinated and it wasn’t Catmas anymore, so I’ve waited all year to share it with you!

I got the idea when I first saw Frosty the Snowman and wondered if you could make snow cats, which it turns out you can (as long as you bring warm Mittens).

Then I thought of Nugget, a lonely black cat who runs away from home to ask Santa for a friend. Along the way, he makes a snow cat, and the snow cat comes to life, and they go all the way to the North Pole, but a bunch of terrible things keep happening to them and then at the end, Nugget dies.

Just kidding! But let me know if the ending makes you cry. I get a kitty treat every time someone tells me that!

Hope you like it!!

1 Cover3 Part 11234567891011121314151617181920212223242526274 Part 21234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132

5 Part 312345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031326 Part 41234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132Well, did you like it??

I had so many great tuna cookies making this one. Don’t worry if I’m fat though, I burned them all off and then some chasing my cousin Simon down the stairs and tackling him, which I do every night at 8:00pm.

But the café by my house says they might no longer accept kitty litter as currency… 😦 Do you think you could help meowt?

I’d like to keep making more and better stories for you to read here, where you can just donate whatever you want using the PayPal button below, but if you no has munny, you can still read it and enjoy it anyway. Does that sound good?

Beyond the obvious pounds of catnip I need to stay alert during marathon writing sessions, my main costs are printing, conferences, and art supplies. I’m also saving up for a drawing tablet so I can produce higher-quality purrtoons faster and more frequently.

Any amount of scratch is appreciated!!

For printed work, you can also Shop Hazel at the Hazel Store on Etsy.

Thank mew so much!

A warm holiday headbutt,


Christmas Hazel

So…What’s in the Ultimate Hazel?


Happy Caturday, Everypawdy!!

Whoops, it’s Sunday! Well, it feels like a Caturday. Either way, I hope you’re getting a good chance to catch up on your beauty sleep.

It’s almost my naptime, but first I thought you’d like to know a little bit more about the Ultimate Hazel, now available on Etsy!

Ultimate Hazel No Border

So…What’s in the Ultimate Hazel?

Let me tell you how I got the idea, and why I decided to make them.

After being born in 2014, I started my blog and Facebook page and did a bunch of intermews, which led me to meeting Lynda Barry! She’s a masterful cartoonist and superstar professor at UW-Madison, and getting to meow questions at her has been one of my greatest honors. You can read our excellent chat here.

We hit it off over some catnip tea and tuna cookies, and over the holidays, she helped me finish my first-ever story, Flaky the Snow Cat! I got the idea after seeing Frosty the Snowman and wondering if there were snow cats.

1 Hazel Process

Flaky the Snow Cat tells the story of Nugget, a lonely black cat who runs away from home to ask Santa for a friend. I was struggling to get the words on paper, since English is my second language (after Cat), so Professor Barry taught me to tell the story with pictures.

The final product includes over 127 images in four separate zines (zines = handmade comic books). You can get the entire Flaky the Snow Cat in your Ultimate Hazel!

1 Hazel All Four

Last spring, I took her Advanced Comics class, where I made Hydrated Tourist Penguin Goes to Paris! (which was purrblished by a local newspaper!) and “Fluffy:” The Cat Who’s Clearly a Snake and No One Notices, both also included in the Ultimate Hazel!

5 HTP Paris

Fluffy Action Shot

In March, I was invited to share my work at a local writing conference. When I told my furriend Mary about it, she wrote me a check to help cover the cost of printing. I couldn’t stop purring! For the first time, I felt like a Professional Writer Kitty! To thank her, I printed off every presentable story I had written.

It made for a nice little gift bag! I started printing more of my work and selling them at more conferences throughout the year.

Since it’s the holiday season once again, it feels like a good time to share Flaky the Snow Cat and the Ultimate Hazel (sounds like a band name!) with you, my beloved, kitty-loving furriends.

1 Hazel Flaky

Flaky the Snow Cat is pretty expensive to print in color, so that is why it costs $20. I just use my own printer, and color ink is so ‘spensive!! If you do happen to know of a cheaper way to print in color, let me know and I will send you an Ultimate Hazel for free! All of the professional printing services in my area ask for around 60 cents per page, which means I would have to charge almost 30 bucks JUST for Flaky the Snow Cat, and that’s just too much.

The Ultimate Hazel represents both a look back towards all the great work I learned how to make in 2015 while raising funds to produce more and even better work in 2016. Any proceeds that do not cover printing will help cover the cost of art supplies, table fees for conferences, and catnip and kitty snacks!

Hazel Party

You can also make a donation through PayPal now!

Thank you for supporting my kitty art and keeping me well-snacked! They make me feel better after the vacuum.

Hazel Hiding

However, if you’d like to read some Hazel Comics, but aren’t sure if you can afford the printed versions, just send me an e-mail at hazelfluffypants@gmail.com and I’d be happy to send you a digital version for free.

Happy Holidays!!


Hazel Fluffypants

Writer Kitty

Review: “Frosty the Snowman” (Romeo Muller, 1969)


For my first review, I have chosen “Frosty the Snowman,” written by Romeo Muller in 1969. I have never done a review before, but I figured it is something that could help my audience and with my writing. Here we go:

I really like Frosty. I especially like the parts with the snowman.

I wonder if there are snow cats.

The end.

Cat in the Snow
Cat in the Snow Hosted by Imbecile Entertainment