Announcing the Winner of Hazel’s Halloween Writing Contest!


Happy Meowlloween!!!

Did you get any good candy or kitty snacks? I sure did! It’s been a great day, I met a ton of awesome people at Madison Print & Resist, and then I came home to read a fat stack of beautiful stories for my first-ever Hazel’s Halloween Writing Contest!

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted a story! I loved reading them all, and I encourage you to submit to future contests!

For tonight, I was looking for a story about luck, and tonight’s winner does an outstanding job of integrating luck as a central theme of the narrative.

The main character is a black cat himself burdened with bad luck, which I found a compelling twist on the prompt. Instead of being bad luck, the cat experiences bad luck. As does his future momma before the story begins.

It is only through their relationship that both cat and human emerge on the other side, reversing their fortunes after an impressive and emotional arc. Their luck changes for the better through the mutual love necessary to heal the wounds of devastating circumstances.

Beautiful and succinct and without further ado, Hazel Fluffypants presents:

The Story of Rupurrt Ninja Kitty

Rose Gardner, momma to Rupurrt Ninja Kitty

Rupurrt Ninja Kitty

Once there was a little black kitten who became separated from his kitty mom and siblings. Nobody knows how it happened or what may have happened to them.

During that August, there were heavy and frequent thunderstorms, Rupurrt, knowing he desperately needed help, went to somebody’s house looking for help as he had a prolapsed rectum from all the worms in his body. The people there brought him to an amazing vet the next morning who has saved Rupurrt’s life at least 3 times in his short lifespan.

He was then introduced to a shelter who put him online for adoption. A woman who came forward to adopt him as Rupurrt’s momma thought there was a much better home for him out there. The woman at the last second had a medical issue and was unable to adopt him. Rupurrt’s momma saw him online again and said you aren’t given second chances very often and jumped on adopting him. Without even meeting him, Rupurrt’s momma fell in love with him by his picture alone and even though he loves to push things to the limit, she hasn’t one second of regret.

He is my lucky boy, he has brought so much incredible happiness to my life and has shown me that through adversity, you can smile, you can enjoy life. He came into my life during one of the most difficult times. I was battling depression and in counseling over the death of my husband and knowing I was losing my house in the process. He showed me and continues to show me every single day that everything can be cured with a loving touch and a purr. No matter how bad things get, I have him by my side. I come home from work and he is in the window, pawing at it so that I can come in, pick him up and cuddle his purring self. He alone, single-pawed, has helped me find a new road. I have completed school, found the love of my life and we have moved back into the house. I don’t believe any of this could have happened without his positive energy keeping me going. Not only is he good luck, he is the love of my life.