August Intermew Blitz with Garfield and Leo Kitty Cats!


Day 11 of my August Intermew Blitz! Meet Garfield and Leo Kitty Cats!


The advice we would give is to get your name out there, ask some of the pages you like to give your page a share, but always share their page in return. Also, give people a reason to want to like your page. On our page we like to post nice things, and we like to keep it a nice page to visit. We don’t like posting about abuse or horrible things happening to pets—the news and internet is full of it, so on our page we like it to be a place where people can come over to see nice things and read nice stories.


Our biggest inspiration has been our sisfur Winnie aka Snookes. She has overcome so much, mams recused her from being stuck in a hole in the heart of a bad winter. Mams brought her in and Winnie would not leave the bedroom to come out to any other room. She was a very frightened kitty. It took her months before she trusted mams, and it was only after mams got our borfur Thor that Winnie seen that there was nothing to be afraid of and that the puppies or mams would not hurt her. It did take her over 2 years to leave the bedroom but now she is very brave and she rules the house and is not afraid of anything.


Our favorite TV show is Tom and Jerry, Sylvester and Tweety and Bugs Bunny. Our favorite film Astrocats. The favorite thing we like to read is a poem that mams reads to us on a dark windy night—it is called the Highway Man.


We love that felines have more power, we think it will shape the world in great ways. There will be more kitty cats making the world decisions. Furry boys and flying boys will line buffets once felines have total control. The world will be a better place.

Dream Date?

We would love to have dinner with Bast the cat god in ancient Egypt. The things we would eat would be chicken fish and scrambled eggs—all of our favorite things.


The biggest mistake that me Gars has made is running out the back yard without mams. I then ran up the big tree after a flying boy. When I looked I was up very high and I was on my own. I was so scared so I called and called for mams to save me. Of course she came out, but she could not reach because I was too far up the big tree. She had to tell me each branch to climb onto so I could get close enough to jump into her arms. I have not ran out again on my own now. I just stay in the kitty enclosure when I am out. The biggest mistake me Leo has made is jumping from the kitchen counter onto the swing bin lid after a fly. I did not know that if I jumped onto it that the lid would open, and I would fall in. I was then stuck in the bin in the dark with no way to get out, thankfully mams heard me calling her and took the lid off and got me out but I know not to do that again.


Thank mew so much for being our furriends. We love mew all and loving having mew here.

Thanks, Kitties!