Caturday Intermew with Baldrick and Melchett!


Happy Caturday!!

This week’s Feature Kitties are Baldrick and Melchett from Life with Baldrick and Melchett. Swing by their store, and give their Facebook page a thumbs up!


Hazel: Hi Kitties! Thanks for being here! Advice for kitties?

Baldrick and Melchett: Get Mum or Dad to follow you around with a camera all the time. Then as soon as they look away, do something really impressive so they end up missing it 🙂

Hazel: Mol! have the cutest meow and I only perform it once the camera’s off. Inspirations?

Baldrick and Melchett: We’re both big fans of our neighbour Clever Pete, a one-eyed ginger tom. He sits in the middle of the road and refuses to move so all the hoomins have to drive round him! Luckily we live on a slow road 🙂

Hazel: ROFM!! I’m a fan too! What do you like to read or watch?

Melchett: Baldrick loves reading the Argos catalogue and watching the bouncing screensaver on the DVD player.

Hazel: Thoughts on feline power?

Baldrick and Melchett: We’ve always been in charge, we just let the hoomins think that they are.

Hazel: Dream dinner?

Baldrick and Melchett: We just like to have dinner served to us by Mum and Dad, preferably about 4 in the morning.

Hazel: Aww, that’s when we sing the song of our people! How about mistakes?

Baldrick: I used to get stuck in trees a lot – make sure your hoomins have a ladder and know how to use it!

Melchett: I once panicked and fell in a flooded river – learn which end of your garden to run to when you want to run away from something!

Hazel: Oh no! That’s actually super good to know haha. Wow, this has been such a fun intermew, kitties. To conclude, any parting thoughts?

Baldrick: I’m not ginger, I’m marmalade.

Melchett: what’s for dinner?


Hazel: Hopefully something nummy! Thanks kitties!

And thank YOU reader for reading!

Purrs always,



Caturday Intermew with Cole & Marmalade!


Happy Caturday!!

This week I’m purry to present you my intermew with handsome kitties and advoCATS, Cole & Marmalade!

Hazel: Hello pretty kitties! Thanks so much for being here! First question, what advice do you have for bright young kittens aspiring to build a web presence?

Cole & Marmalade: Try to think outside the box and be original with pics and videos you post.

Hazel: Who has been your biggest inspiration and why?

Cole & Marmalade: I don’t have one purrson in mind, but there’s so many people out there who work tirelessly to help animals and promote animal welfare and I want to continue to be a part of that.

Hazel: What do you like to read or watch?

Cole & Marmalade: I like discovery channel programs like Gold Rush and stuff like that, my favorite movie is Jaws, I’m a big shark fan, even though the movie didn’t help the reputation of sharks, it’s still been my favorite for 20 years!

Hazel: Haha, sharks are actually pretty snuggly if you get to know them! How do you feel about the rise of feline power, and how do you see that power shaping the world in the future?

Cole & Marmalade: It’s kinda crazy but it’s also very cool, cats are awesome and it’s great to see people being won over by them online and in real life. I just wish people would adopt more instead of buying from breeders.

Hazel: Who would you love to have dinner with? What would you eat and where?

Cole & Marmalade: If one person and alive today …. I’d say Leonardo DiCaprio, we’d eat a British roast beef dinner in a pub in Nottingham (where I’m from:)

Hazel: What are some mistakes you’ve made and what did they teach you?

Cole & Marmalade: I’m a hard worker and always jump into things immediately and get on with stuff without really planning, which would not turn out to be a good idea in most cases, so I learned to slow down and think before doing.

Hazel: If you could say only one thing to a potential new or existing follower, what would you like them to know?

Cole & Marmalade: We make funny, engaging cat videos that not only entertain but help educate to save kitty lives!

Hazel: Awesome! Thanks, kitties!

And thank YOU reader for reading!

Happy Memorial Day!