Sundae Review: “First-Degree Fudge” by Christine DeSmet


Happy Sundae!!!

Time for a review!

Remember last week when I interviewed my buddy “First-Degree Fudge” author Christine DeSmet? Now I thought I’d review her book and get some mileage out of that cute picture of me 😉

It was great! I could have sworn Ava was the killer, but then twist! I liked the parts with the fudge. That sounds nummy. I could go for some salmon fudge about now. Go Badgers!

You should read it! You can order “First-Degree Fudge” on Amazon or ask Santa for it when you get the chance.

Review: Once Upon a Time (Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, 2011)


“Once Upon a Time” is a show that makes a fruit smoothie using fairy tales as fruit. Or if you’re an obligate carnivore like me, it’s like a nice meat smoothie.

I just turned 3 months last Friday, so this is a great way of catching up on a bunch of stories.

I love this show!! Creative and delicious. I hope they do “Star Wars.”



Once Upon a Time