Caturday Intermew with Thoreen the Ragdoll Cat!


Happy Caturday!

Here’s the first intermew of my August Intermew Blitz! Meet Thoreen the Ragdoll Cat!


Post lots of cute pictures every day.


Felix the cat ~ he always has a bag of tricks.


Book: Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul

Play: Cats

Movie: Puss in Boots

TV: Any cat commercial


We have always had the power from the Egyptian days, man just did not want to see it. We shape the world as a big ball of yarn.

Dream Date?

Johnny Depp…oops mama told me to say that my choice would be Morris the Cat. I would eat chicken at chicken a fil.


Playing with mommy hamsters learned that not everything that moves is a toy…hamsters were not harmed.


Be nice to all friends, they are important and we are all one. Thank you.

Thanks, Thoreen!

Caturday Intermew Calendar!


Happy Almost Caturday!

Wow, I have been doing intermews for over a year and I still have a ton of intermews I haven’t purrblished yet! Sorry about that! I don’t want to keep you waiting, so for the month of August I am going to do an intermew blitz! Every day a new intermew until I am all out!

Here you go! These are all the intermews I still have in the order in which they were received. If you are not on here and want to be, let me know!

Caturday Intermew Blitz

August 1 – Thoreen the Ragdoll Cat

August 2 – The Adventures of Kaykay and Friends

August 3 – The Scott Cats: Boy Girl Phil Missy

August 4 – Zamboni the Cat

August 5 – Audry’s Cats

August 6 – Sophia the Three Legged Kitty

August 7 – Miss Becky

August 8 – Tippy the Toothless

August 9 – Daisy the Cat

August 10 – Black Lotus

August 11 – Garfield and Leo Kitty Cats

August 12 – Her Smushy Faced Highness

August 13 – Mr. Puss

August 14 – Two Face the Insane Calico Cat

August 15 – Oscar

August 16 – Gizmo the Scardy Cat’s Adventures

August 17 – The Flamepoint Furball

August 18 – Jake the Purring Machine

August 19 – Artemis Moonshadow

August 20 – Help Find Chester the Cat Lost by Air Canada

August 21 – Wilford Brimley, Persian Cat

See you then!